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23.11.2005 A new link: Wolfgang Salz presents his new homepage. Have a look.
08.08.2003 Due to an computer-crash I've lost all e-mail-adresses for my newsletter. Please subsribe once more. For subscription go here.
08.08.2003 All new fotos of the last weeks are online now. New: T. roezlii, T. flabellata, T. tenuifolia var. nigra, T. tectorum "Kralle", T. kirschneckii, T. ionantha from Costa Rica, T. edithae green Form and grey Form from Monteagudo, T. aff. juncea from Mexiko, T. x hondurensis, a nice hybrid from Argentina T. peiranoi x reichenbachii, T. kurt-horstii, a very long Tillandsia from Argentina T. aff. streptocarpa and new fotos of my favorites T. streptocarpa white form, T. streptocarpa light-yellow form as well as fotos of T. cacticola.
20.06.2003 It's going on. New:: T. duratii "var. aurea" - yellow-blooming form/variety, T. aff lorentiana, T. aff. cardenasii and new pictures of T. pueblensis
09.06.2003 It's going on. Some of the spring-blooming species now are online. New: T. aff. tectorum, T. aff lorentiana, T. nizandaensis (name valid?), T. artroviridipetala (softleaved, greenish form) and T. streptophylla
21.01.2003 The first pictures of 2003........ New: T. nana, T. calochlamys, T. floribunda (very small form) and T. aff. aeranthos (stems of nearly 1m).
15.12.2002 The first pictures of the winter-blooming species...... New: T. stricta, T. diguettii und an unkwown hybrid from mexico
07.10.2002 Ther are some interesting photos presented by Mr. Buser from Gran Canaria. Visit the guest-forum and give your comment.
16.09.2002 It goes on......... New: T. spec. Guatemala, T. ionantha x brachycaulos, T. leonamiana and T. bermejoensis
24.08.2002 New: T. pseudomicans and T. portillae
19.08.2002 New: T. bartramii and T. concolor
18.08.2002 New: T. aff. schiedana, T. ionantha x concolor, T. weberi, T. disticha, T. recurvata var. alba and T. pugiformis (Racinea)
17.08.2002 New: T. capitata, T. loliacea, T. geminiflora, T. tricholepis and T. fraseri (Racinea)
12.08.2002 New: T. stricta var. stricta (Bras./Cabo Frio), T. elisabethae, T. laxissima and T. kautskyi
04.08.2002 You need information about new functions or pictures? Join the Newsletter!
04.08.2002 New: T. stricta var. albifolia and T. x rectifolia
30.07.2002 Search your tillandsias from a combobox - and Go!
28.07.2002 New: T. minasgeraisensis
26.07.2002 Visit my new guest-forum. Here I'll present your Tillandsias.
25.07.2002 New: T. salmonea, T. calocephala, T. ericii
25.07.2002 Did you see the new Tillandsia of the month? You missed one, look at the listing >>>>.
17.06.2002 Who kwows this T. spec. from Rio Chico/Bolivia or this T. aff. tenuifolia -> webmaster@tillandsia-web.de
10.06.2002 Who kwows this T. spec. from Chamela?/Mexiko -> webmaster@tillandsia-web.de
09.06.2002 New hyhrid: T. caput-medusae x flabellata
09.06.2002 Who kwows this T. spec from Mexiko or Guatemala -> webmaster@tillandsia-web.de
06.06.2002 New: T. floribunda (large form)
04.06.2002 Who kwows this T. spec from Bolivia -> webmaster@tillandsia-web.de
26.05.2002 Please look at the new form of describing the species e.g. T. lorentiana.
26.05.2002 Several new photos are present on the web, see T. gerdae, T. cochabambae, T. rodrgueziana and many others.
26.04.2002 There are a lot of new photos. Some examples: T. yuncharaensis, T. duratii, T. cacticola and a lot more.
15.04.2002 On the Exchange-site you wil find my exchange list and my want list as download files. Try it.
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